NW Indigenous Wellness Formline Non Medical Face Masks

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During this Coronavirus pandemic, Shotridge Studios
has established a NEW business focus and division called
Northwest Indigenous Wellness. Our new products are
being made to heal your mind, body and spirit during a
time that they are especially needed by the community
at large. Many of our products embrace the teachings
and traditions of our Ancestors.
We have 12 stylish graphic face masks to protect you
during the current pandemic. These non-medical face
masks feature many of the original form line designs by
Tlingit Artist Israel Shotridge. Made from 100% Polyester
fabric on the outside and 100% Cotton on the inside,
designed with a pocket for a filter that is included with
each face mask. A bendable nose form inserted into
the face mask presents an adjustable, breathable and
beautiful form of protection during this pandemic.